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Zoll E & R Series AED Surepower 8019-0535-01 Original Medical Battery

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Euro Energy Part Number: 02153
Zoll E & R Series AED Surepower 8019-0535-01 Original Medical Battery
Zoll Battery Part Number: 8019-0535-01
Voltage / Capacity: 10.8 Volt 5.8 Ah
Dimensions: 165mm (L) x 57mm (W) x 44mm (H)
Approx. Weight: 770g
Chemistry: Lithium Rechargeable

This original medical battery from Zoll is for use in both the E & R Series Monitor/Defibs, part number 8019-0535-01. Please note, the Zoll E series Monitor/Defibrillator is designated by Zoll as an export item only and not available to the EU Market.

Zoll know it takes more than just a shock to increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The R Series® Monitor/Defibrillators have been designed with easy-to-use technologies to help consistently deliver high-quality CPR, provide optimal defibrillation and 
pacing treatments for all patients, and also manage the data captured/required to address critical quality improvements.

  • CPR Dashboard™ – Detailed real-time display of CPR quality metrics that uses Real CPR Help®  technology
  • See-Thru CPR® – Minimises pause time during CPR and increases CPR fraction by filtering out CPR artefact
  • High-current defibrillation – Delivers optimal treatment for all patients
  • R Series Plus and R Series ALS – Configurations to address the needs of all providers
  • Additional tools include Smart Tools for Training

Comprehensive Readiness Checks

Problems with defibs that are not ready for use are often related to inadequate tests, compromised supplies, batteries, and missed shift checks. The Zoll R Series defibrillators extend testing far beyond a basic test shock to check more than 40 individual indicators of readiness.

  • Comprehensive testing automatically confirms the presence of the correct cables and defibrillator electrodes, senses the type of electrode, and checks important circuitry, including discharge.
  • No need to disconnect the electrodes or paddles, or get additional test equipment to test shock delivery. The system will even detect missing or dried-out electrodes and provide a printed or electronic log.
  • A simple indicator unmistakably communicates the defibrillator is ready, and if it’s not, a screen message tells you why. In the event a fault is detected, a page or email can be wirelessly generated to notify appropriate personnel.
  • Users can log the crash cart status on the defibrillator during shift checks, making quality compliance easier than ever.
  • Tests beyond ability to deliver a shock.
  • Tests all circuits, CPR, pacing & power, parameters – including a Battery Low warning when the 8019-0535-01 Zoll battery requires recharging.
  • Tests electrode expiration.


  • End-Tidal CO2
  • One-step Pacing
  • Pulse Oximetry – SpO2
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure

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