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Philips Infant Disposable Sp02 Sensor 20 Pack M1132A / 989803128541 Original Medical Accessory

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Philips Infant Disposable Sp02 Sensor 20 Pack M1132A / 989803128541 Original Medical Accessory
Philips Healthcare Part No: M1132A / 989803128541
The Philips M1132A infant wrap sensor is a low-adhesive, single-patient use SpO2 sensor. Manufactured without latex and made of a soft yet durable fabric that is designed to be gentle on the skin, it can be used on fingers or toes of infants ranging from 3 – 10 kg (6.6 – 22 lbs).
Philips Healthcare pulse oximetry sensors are designed specifically for Philips proprietary FAST-SpO2 (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) algorithm. Together, they reduce effects from patient movement, electronic interference, ambient light and low perfusion.
Because infants have sensitive skin, Philips have chosen a soft, flannel-like fabric with foam backing for the M1132A SpO₂ sensor. It is well-ventilated and manufactured without latex, and adhesive is confined to a small pad near the LED light.
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment: 860335, 862474, 862478, 863063, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, 863071, 863072, 863073, 863074, 863077, 863080, 863081, 863082, 863085, 863086, 863087, 863088, 863264, 863265, 863266, 863276, 863278, M1020A, M1020B, M1350B, M1350C, M2703A, M2704A, M2705A, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A, M3926A, M3927A, M3928A, M3929A, M8102A, M8105A, M8105AT, M8105AS
Also can be used with Non-Philips Healthcare Equipment: Nellcor Adapter Cable Required with N200, N3000, N395, N-20 PA, NPB-40, GE Adapter Cable Required with GE Dinamap Pro400 V1
Single-patient use and non-sterile
Suitable for Infant finger/toe site application
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