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MGE SAM EPS Suction Pump 11-0150 MSP1437 Original Medical Battery

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Euro Energy Part Number: 02352
MGE SAM EPS Suction Pump 11-0150 MSP1437 Original Medical Battery
MGE Part Number: 11-0150 MSP1437
Chemistry: NiMH – Nickel Metal Hydride
Voltage/Capacity: 12.0V/4500mAh
Approx size: 134mm L x 91mm W x 18.2mm H
Approx Weight: 0.6KG / 600g

This is a genuine original battery for use in the MGE SAM EPS Suction Pump, part number 11-0150 MSP1437.

The MGE SAM EPS Emergency Portable Suction Unit is a bi-powered Suction unit, running off either mains power or 12V/24V power supply.

The SAM EPS suction pump is fitted with on-board power, utilising the latest battery technologies and power management to ensure maximum running times when the unit is running from the battery.

When using the Original Manufacturer’s battery, part number 11-0150, 125 minutes of suction can be delivered on full power or over 11 hours on low suction settings.

Other Facts and figures:-

Voltage 12-28v DC 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Vacuum 0 to 0.8 bar / 0 to 600 mmHg
Flow Rate 32 l/min
Battery Run Time 125 Minutes on Full Power.
Over 11 hours on low suction settings
Unit Dimensions
H x W x D cm
347mm x 330mm x 169mm
Weight 4.7kg (Including SAM 1 re-usable bottle)
Protection Disposable Hydrophobic Filter
Optional BioCloak® Anti-bacterial coating
Complies with Medical Directive 93/42/EEC
BS EN ISO 10079-1
BS EN 60601-1
BS EN 60601-1-2
BS EN 1789

As an aid to medical engineering, usage of the unit is logged and stored in the unit and this can be downloaded to a computer using the optional data cable and download software. As well as this facility, the unit also has a Service Indicator light on it, set to illuminate after either 500hrs usage or 500 battery charges. This provides a visual notification that the MGE SAM EPS Suction Pump should be checked and is particularly useful where a machine may be sitting on a crash trolley and actual usage is hard to predict.

Regular checks provide maximum unit & battery life and ensure that the 11-0150 Battery, Euro Energy part number 02352, is replaced at the correct intervals to allow continuous use.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 13.4 × 9.1 × 1.82 cm