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Draeger V500 Ventilator 8415290-08 Original Medical Battery

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Euro Energy Part Number: 02404
Draeger V500 Ventilator 8415290-08 Original Medical Battery
Draeger Part Number: 8415290-08
Voltage/Capacity: 24.0V/2500mAh
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
Approx Size: 200mm L x 120mm W x 28mm H
Approx Weight: 1.270Kg/1270g

This is a genuine original Draeger battery 8415290-08 for the V500 ventilator.

Draeger V500 Ventilator Features/Benefits

Dräger Evita® Infinity® V500 ventilator Tools for your ventilation therapy:

‒ Lung diagnostic tools like the Low Flow manoeuvre (inflection points)
‒ Breath by breath recruitment trends (e.g. PEEP, EIP, VT, Cdyn)
‒ Recruitment tools (e.g. Inspiration Hold, QuickSet, PressureLink)
‒ PC-APRV with AutoRelease
‒ Volumetric CO2-Monitoring (VCO2, VTCO2, Slope Phase 3, Vds/VTe)
‒ Weaning parameter (e.g. RSBi, P0.1, NIF)
‒ Automatic weaning with SmartCare/PS® 
‒ Variable Pressure Support, Proportional Pressure Support, Automatic Tube Compensation
‒ Graphical representation of airway resistance and lung compliance with Smart Pulmonary View
‒ “Room-to-breathe” concept (AutoFlow®, BIPAP, VG)
‒ Applicable for neonatal ventilation (smallest tidal volume: 2 ml)

Functions to support your workflow

‒ Non-invasive ventilation in all modes and all patient categories
‒ O2-Therapy allows flow constant oxygen application
‒ Flexible screen configuration: 6 different views for each patient related to the individual therapy
‒ Full record of all patient data, alarms and trends
‒ Data export via USB interface
‒ Context-sensitive help function and online Instruction For Use for ventilation modes, alarms and device functions
‒ RFID functionality e.g. to monitor exchange intervals and to transport ventilation settings

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