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Carefusion / BD GW Pump Battery 1000SP01782 Compatible Medical Battery

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Euro Energy Part Number: CSA29109
Carefusion / BD GW Pump Compatible Battery
Carefusion / BD Part Number: 1000SP01782
Voltage/Capacity: 7.2V/1250mAh
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh)
Approx Size: 42mm L x 28mm W x 50mm H

Approx Weight: 165g/0.165 Kg

This is a compatible medical battery for the Carefusion / BD GW Pump to replace original part number 1000SP01782.

Alaris™ GW Volumetric Pump

In today’s healthcare environment, the lack of space around the patient’s bedside can be a critical issue. The space saving design of the Alaris™ GW volumetric pump offers many real clinical benefits for the safe delivery of intravenous therapy.

Small, space-saving design

This compact pump makes it easier to treat patients, particularly during patient transfers and is designed with many built-in safety features to assist the healthcare worker in reducing the risks of harm. The Alaris™ GW volumetric pump will save space, help improve efficiency and enhance patient safety and it’s small design will help reduce space around the bedside, making caring for patients quicker, safer and easier. The Alaris™ GW volumetric pump comes packed with a wealth of safety features, controlled with a user-friendly interface. Powered by the1000SP01782 (previously known as 1000EL00349) Original Medical Battery, compact and portable, the Alaris™ GW volumetric pump’s space-saving shape makes light work of moving and transporting patients. 

Connecting your patient care

While the Alaris™ GW volumetric pump is suited perfectly to standalone use, it also connects with the Alaris™ Gateway Workstation, linking with your clinical information and data management systems.


  • Air-in-line sensor 
    The air-in-line sensor provides reliable detection of air in the pump fluid path and therefore helps to reduce the risks associated with accidental air infusion to the patient.
  • Titration mode 
    For seamless infusions, this useful mode allows you to change the flow rate without stopping the pump.
  • Free-flow protection 
    The built-in flow stop feature helps reduce the risks associated with accidental free-flow.
  • Anti-bolus feature 
    The built-in anti-bolus function is designed to reduce the bolus that may occur upon the release of an occlusion, following a downstream occlusion alarm.

Ease of Use

  • Compact design 
    The compact and light weight design saves space and is beneficial during patient transfers, powered by the 1000SP01782 Original Medical Battery.
  • Easy set priming 
    Valuable time can be saved with the automatic set priming feature.
  • User friendly operation 
    The controls are simple to use, following the user friendly format featured throughout our pump.
  • Alaris™ Gateway compatible 
    Designed to provide quick user-friendly operation.
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