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Stryker announce End of Life for the Physio Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator/Monitor parts & accessories

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Lifepak 12 Battery 02159 – Physio Control Brand owner, Stryker have confirmed that all Lifepak 12 defibrillator accessories have reached end of life.

In announcing that their Lifepak 12 defibrillator will no longer be supported, Stryker have also confirmed that all associated Lifepak 12 accessories will soon become unavailable.

Once current stocks of items such as the 11141-000149, nickel cadmium Lifepak 12 Defib Battery with Fuel Gauge, are gone, these items will no longer be available.

02159  Physio Control Lifepak 12 Defibrillator 11141-000149 Ni-Cd with fuel gauge Original Medical Battery

Lifepak 12 Battery 02159

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