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Is it time to replace you ventilator batteries? – As the threat of the corona virus COVID-19 continues to increase, pressure on Hospitals, and particularly Intensive Care & Respiratory wards, will increase exponentially. It is very possible that some hospitals may need to call ventilators back into service that had been previously been taken out of commission. These may require servicing and, very often, will need their batteries replacing.

Where the priority of ventilator servicing has been increased in order to address the challenges to be faced in the coming weeks as COVID-19 infection rates multiply, sourcing batteries will become increasingly important.

Those ventilators already in service may experience increased or extended use, which may also impact on the frequency of battery replacement.

As an important part of our product range, Euro Energy offer a wide range of medical batteries for ventilators, many immediately available from stock, including:-

  • Breas PV401
  • Breas PV403
  • Datex Flexivent
  • Draeger EV800
  • Draeger Evita 4 & XL/Dura (including both internal & external batteries)
  • Draeger NIV
  • Draeger Oxylog 2000+, 3000, 3000+
  • Draeger V500
  • Engstrom Elvira
  • GE Aespire 7100
  • Infrasonics Adult Star 101 & 1500
  • Maquet Servo I, S & U
  • Nellcor Puritan Bennett 7200 series
  • Nippy 3+, Jnr+ ST+ & S+ (Including both internal & external batteries)
  • Ohmeda 5/7900
  • Ohmeda 7800 & 7810
  • Ohmeda Modulus 2 Plus
  • Pulmonetics LTV1900/950/1000
  • Puritan Bennett 840
  • Respironics Bipap Focus
  • Respironics Harmony 9303
  • Siemens 710
  • Vickers Trailblazer
  • Vickers Transport ventilators

Similarly, patients that use home ventilators or oxygen concentrators, such as the AirSep Freestyle, are urged to ensure that the batteries used with their ventilators/oxygen concentrators are fit for purpose and kept fully charged. Any batteries that are showing reduced running time should be considered for replacement.

To enquire about replacing your ventilator or oxygen concentrator batteries, please our friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service team on 0116 2340567 or email

time to replace you ventilator batteries