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Euro Energy Contingency Planning for COVID 19/Corona Virus

Euro Energy are aware of the potential threats posed by the COVID-19 Corona Virus and have identified 4 potential risks, these being;

  • Disruption of Manufacture
  • Increase in Product cost
  • Disruption to Supply
  • Disruption of our work force

There is no threat of transmission through contact with products due to the life of the virus being less than the shipment time from manufacturer to the UK.

According to the World Health Organisation, it is still not known exactly how long the COVID-19 virus survives on surfaces, but preliminary information suggests the virus may survive a for few hours. Typical freight time of batteries from the Far East to the UK is 3 days to 8 weeks.

Many of our battery products, or component parts of our custom battery packs or medical batteries begin life in the Shenzhen province of China.

Whilst the physical manufacture of products or components is mainly automated, there is still human involvement in parts of the process and should sufficient numbers of workers be infected by the Corona virus, it is very possible that output of product might fall away causing demand to outstrip supply.

This may result in an increase in product cost and/or reduced availability of products. Should product prices start to increase, we would then review our product prices, absorb what we can and then pass on price increases to our customers only where absolutely necessary.

We already have a significant stock holding for the majority of our products. In the event of reduced product availability, we plan to carry out a review of all stock and increase where required. Euro Energy are a sufficiently strong company financially to bear this burden.

Should import delays start to impact on our delivery times, we would seek to further increase our stock holding to minimise the impact to our customers.

Should the situation in the UK worsen and the risk of catching this disease increase, Euro Energy plan to introduce temperature checks for all employees at the beginning of every shift and any employee whose temperature is deemed to be outside of the ‘normal’ range may be sent home to protect the remaining workforce.

We remain watchful of the situation and will constantly review our actions as it develops in line with UK Government advice.