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Philips Neo/Infant/Adult Disposable Sp02 Sensor 20 Pack M1133A / 989803128551 Original Medical Accessory

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Philips Neo/Infant/Adult Disposable Sp02 Sensor 20 Pack M1133A / 989803128551 Original Medical Accessory
Philips Healthcare Part No: M1133A / 989803128551
The M1133A SpO₂ sensor can be used for a wide variety of applications and patients from neonates to adults. This versatility makes the M1133A SpO₂ sensor a useful addition to your sensor inventory.
The Philips M1133A pulse oximetry sensor delivers continuous, noninvasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation. Designed for multi-day, single-patient use, the M1133A wrap sensor is made of soft and flexible material and is manufactured without latex. It can be placed around the hand or foot to measure pulse oximetry on patients weighing less than 3 kg (6.6 lbs), as well as on the big toe or thumb of children from 10-20 kg (22-44 lbs), and on any finger except the thumb on patients over 40 kg (88 lbs).
Well-ventilated and made of a soft, flexible material, the M1133A SpO₂ sensor delivers patient comfort.
Philips Healthcare pulse oximetry sensors are designed specifically for Philips proprietary FAST-SpO2 (Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology) algorithm. Together, they reduce effects from patient movement, electronic interference, ambient light and low perfusion.
Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment: 860335, 862474, 862478, 863063, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, 863071, 863072, 863073, 863074, 863077, 863080, 863081, 863082, 863085, 863086, 863087, 863088, 863264, 863265, 863266, 863276, 863278, M1020A, M1020B, M1350B, M1350C, M2703A, M2704A, M2705A, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A, M3926A, M3927A, M3928A, M3929A, M8102A, M8105A, M8105AT, M8105AS
Single-patient use and non-sterile
Suitable for Neonatal/Child/Adult Finger (Adult); Big Toe/Thumb (Child); Foot/Hand (Neonate) site application
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