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Philips 3 Lead ECG Trunk Cable AAMI/IEC OR 989803170171 Original Medical ECG lead

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Euro Energy Part Number: 06021
Philips Trunk Cable CBL OR 3-Lead ECG, AAMI/IEC, OR Original medical cable 989803170171
Philips Part Number: 989803170171
Approx Length: 2700mm
This is an Original Philips Trunk Cable CBL OR 3-Lead ECG, AAMI/IEC, OR cable, Philips part number 989803170171
Multi-patient use and non-sterile
Shielded for Operating Room (Electrosurgical protection)

Use with Philips Healthcare Equipment: M1001B, M1002B, M3000A, M3001A, M3002A, M8105A, M8102A, 863063, 863064, 863065, 863066, 863068, 863077, M3536A, M4735A

Use with Other Supplies: M1622A; M1624A; M1626A; M1671A; M1672A; M1673A; M1674A

Trunk cable can be used for either colour code system AAMI and IEC.

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