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Lister Shearing Liberty & Showman battery pack insert for 258-35070

Lister Shearing Liberty & Showman battery pack insert for 258-35070

Price  £63.50 (£76.20 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Euro Energy Part Number: CSA0901J
Lister Shearing Liberty & Showman battery pack insert for 258-35070
Compatible battery pack insert - Customer to open existing 258-35070 battery pack, remove old, worn out cell pack and fit into case.
Voltage/Capacity: 12.0V/4500mAh
Approx Size: 92mm (L) x 19mm (W) x 140mm (H)
Approx Weight: 0.6Kg / 600g
Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Compatible Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery pack for Lister 'Shearing', 'Liberty' and 'Showman' horse clippers.

This battery pack insert is designed to replace the cellpack used in the belt worn powerpack 258-35070. Once purchased, the user will need to open the existing 258-35070 case, remove the old, worn out battery pack and replace it with this new, nickel metal hydride battery pack, Euro Energy part number CSA0901J, giving your Lister Shearing, Liberty or Showman clippers many more years of useful life.

Cordless clippers have histoically either struggled to produce enough power or have been too large for easy comfortable use, so the belt worn battery pack, 258-35070 allows these cordless clippers to be both light weight and powerful - freeing the user from the restraints of mains power. With up to 3 hours of clipping time, this battery pack will power your Lister Shearing, Liberty or Showman clippers for long enough to clip multiple horses - no matter how hairy.

Power Pack : Uses Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Power pack. No memory effect when charging can be topped up with charge or fully discharged.
Battery will give up to 3 hours clipping.
Recharge time from empty approx 13 hours.
Before ordering this item, please read the instructions below on how to remove and replace the battery pack within the casing.
You are ordering item 5.
1. Remove the 2 screws, item number 4, and remove the battery pack.
2. De-solder the wire from the connector, item number 6 at Pin 1.
3. Disconnect the push-fit terminal to the switch, item 7.
To fit your new battery pack, reverse the above procedure.

Please note - newer Liberty clippers are powered by a Lithium battery. This battery pack uses nickel metal hydride cells and is not a replacement for lithium battery packs.

For further information, contact our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team on 0116 2340567 or email

Ref: CSA0901J Shipping Weight: 0.6kgs
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