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Holiday…What holiday?

Posted on 3rd August 2018

Whether it’s a flight abroad, a trip to the coast or a well-earned staycation at home, the holiday season is finally here. And now it’s time to relax. So you can log off that computer and forget about medical batteries and accessories. It’s the best time of the year!   


Unless of course, if you’re still at work. And then it’s business as usual….. just like us!


Here at Euro Energy, we don’t have an ‘off’ period in the summer. With more than 35 years experience , we understand that OEM batteries or custom battery packs are needed all summer long! And that’s what we promise. No matter who is on holiday, or if that heatwave returns, nothing will stop us from maintaining the high quality of service our customers have come to expect from us.  

That’s not to say our staff won’t be enjoying some well-deserved time off, but that just gives the rest of us more of a chance to prove ourselves. Where others might faulter or give up, Euro Energy will always deliver excellent customer service and fast, reliable delivery.

So, if you require a quotation for custom battery packs, OEM or compatible medical batteries, or medical accessories, then don’t hesitate to contact Euro Energy at or call us on 0116 234 0567.

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