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Appleton Paper Roll Mover compatible batteries from Euro Energy

Posted on 7th January 2020

Appleton Paper Roll Mover compatible batteries from Euro Energy!

Big wheel keeps on turning… Rolling… As the song said. Or keep your small wheels turning to move big paper rolls! Appleton paper roll mover compatible batteries are available from Euro Energy.

Euro Energy manufacture and supply compatible batteries for Appleton paper roll movers – Appleton part number 139082 – manufactured from the same high quality Panasonic/Sanyo Ni-Cd cells used by the original manufacturer. Click here to visit our Appleton Paper Roll Mover 139082 compatible battery page.

As several of our customers have found, this can breathe new life into very expensive, aging but serviceable equipment. Restoring ‘as new’ performance is the perfect solution for those with a keen eye on maintenance and capital expenditure budgets, plus the process of roll moving becomes a lot less of a challenge to all concerned, increasing productivity.

Better than that, we don’t just stop at Appleton batteries. Set us a challenge – let us know what Industrial replacement battery you need, and there’s a very high probability we can help!

Why can Euro Energy do what no other battery builder can do…?

At the core of our business is the manufacture and supply of Medical and Defence sector batteries – when the ‘Ni-Cd ban’ came into force with the 2006 EU Batteries Directive, these uses were made exempt, as were Industrial equipment uses, such as roll movers. So, we always carry fresh stock of a range of Industrial cells to service these customers, found nowhere else in the UK.

Don’t tolerate poor performance from your Industrial equipment, or buy in incredibly expensive batteries from over-seas OEMs, or worse still replace perfectly good equipment. Euro Energy may have the answer you need with a compatible battery built to your requirement.

The even better news is… For a small spend now, you can put a spare Ni-Cd battery on the shelf to beat future obsolescence. Unlike current Li-Ion technology, Ni-Cd can be stored for 5+ years, with full capacity restored after a couple of cycles of use. Despite its lower energy density, Ni-Cd has many superior characteristics!

So before you replace that expensive equipment, why not give us a call to discuss the possibility of us designing and building a replacement compatible battery for you?

Our experienced & friendly Technical & Customer Service team would be more than happy to discuss your requirment with you on 0116 2340567 or email - call us today!

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