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Product Spotlight - Medical Cart batteries
Posted on 14th August 2018

Compatible replacement battery for RDP SENSA-LiFe Medical Carts - Euro Energy part number 04722

Lithium Ferro Phosphate, also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate or LiFePO4 is the battery chemistry of choice for the RDP SENSA-LiFe medical carts and here at Euro Energy, we have a direct replacement, compatible battery for this range of Medical Carts from RDP - our part number 04722. Used in many hospitals across the NHS, the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry utilised in this battery provides a lighter weight, longer life alternative to sealed lead acid technology used previously in other Medical Carts.

Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate:  

  • Lighter weight - approx 1/3 weight reduction compared with Ni-Mh and less than half the weigh of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA)
  • Highest cycle life - up to 3000 cycles to 60% capacity at 100% depth of discharge (0.5CA). this compares to 500 cycles from NiMh and often less from Li-Ion
  • Excellent temperature range - operates from -20 degrees C to +60 degrees C, with lower temperature storage permissable
  • Capable of high rate discharge - 10C discharge, limited only by the BMS (battery management system) electronics
  • Fast charging - 1C charging possible
  • Available as a 'drop in' replacement to VRLA - batteries available as off shelf solutions with the same footprint as their lower capacity VRLA counterparts
  • Excellent recoverable capacity at high discharge rates - if you discharge at 1C, you'll recover full capacity in Ah. If you discharge VRLA at 1C, this is likely to be as low as 60% of the Ah rating
  • Low self discharge - better than Ni-Mh or VRLA, close to the performance of Li-Ion

The combination of all of the above factors make lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries the preferred chemistry for many medical carts and beds in use across the NHS. Euro Energy part number 04722 is a direct, compatible replacement for the lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries used in the RDP SENSA-LiFe Medical Cart.

For more information, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service team on 0116 2340567 or email
Spot light on Hoist Batteries
Posted on 14th August 2018

Euro Energy have been supplying the medical sector with medical batteries for over 35 years with a product range that includes Original Manufacturer Medical Batteries, Compatible Medical Batteries plus Original Manufacturer Accessories such as ECG cables, SPO2 cables, lead-sets and SPO2 sensors, NIBP cuffs & hoses and ECG, AED & Defib pads/electrodes.

Amongst our range of Medical Batteries, we also have a number of hoist batteries, both Original Manufacturer batteries & Compatibles for products such as the Molift Quickraiser, Arjo Huntleigh's Maxilift, Tempo & Sara Hoist, Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist Liko Viking M Hoist & Golvo 8008 Hoist. Here's a selection:

  • Arjo compatible battery for the Maxilift Hoist, KKA1100-04 - Euro Energy part number 02036
  • Molift Quickraiser Hoist battery 0541000 (original manufacturer) - Euro Energy part number 02267
  • Arjo Huntleigh Compatible battery for KPA0100 (fits Opera, Tempo, Encore & Sara Hoists - Euro Energy part number 02901
  • Oxford Voyager Portable Hoist battery, original manufacturer part number VOY A8500.04, We offer a compatible replacement battery, Euro Energy part number CSA05107
  • Liko Viking M & Golvo 8008 Portable Hoist battery, Original Manufacturer part number 2006107 / BAL20001-02, Euro Energy part number CSA07033

For further information or to explore our range of hoist battery refurbs, call our friendly & knowledgeable Customer Service Team on 0116 2340567 or email

Holiday…What holiday?
Posted on 3rd August 2018

Whether it’s a flight abroad, a trip to the coast or a well-earned staycation at home, the holiday season is finally here. And now it’s time to relax. So you can log off that computer and forget about medical batteries and accessories. It’s the best time of the year!   


Unless of course, if you’re still at work. And then it’s business as usual….. just like us!


Here at Euro Energy, we don’t have an ‘off’ period in the summer. With more than 35 years experience , we understand that OEM batteries or custom battery packs are needed all summer long! And that’s what we promise. No matter who is on holiday, or if that heatwave returns, nothing will stop us from maintaining the high quality of service our customers have come to expect from us.  

That’s not to say our staff won’t be enjoying some well-deserved time off, but that just gives the rest of us more of a chance to prove ourselves. Where others might faulter or give up, Euro Energy will always deliver excellent customer service and fast, reliable delivery.

So, if you require a quotation for custom battery packs, OEM or compatible medical batteries, or medical accessories, then don’t hesitate to contact Euro Energy at or call us on 0116 234 0567.

Physio-Control Lifepak 12 Lithium-Ion Battery (11141-000106) special offer!!
Posted on 22nd June 2018

Here at Euro Energy, we believe that great Customer Service isn’t just about well trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff, it isn’t just about how we look after you each time you make a purchase and it isn’t just about making things right when things go wrong. It’s also about keeping you updated with news and information on our existing products

Developments in battery technology have resulted in 3 batteries being available for the Physio-Control Lifepak 12 Defibrillator; a Sealed Lead Acid battery (SLA), a Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery and a Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery. The Lithium Ion battery offers a higher capacity and a longer working life than it’s SLA & Ni-Cd cousins and offers a significant weight saving – important considerations for a piece of portable life-saving equipment!

The Physio-Control Lithium Ion battery (11141-000106, Euro Energy part number 02208) is a direct replacement for both the SLA and Ni-Cd batteries requiring no hardware or software adaptions to use in the LIFEPAK 12 Defib. The 02208 Lithium Ion battery can be charged using your existing REDI-CHARGE base (11141-000115, Euro Energy part number 06911), but it does require an adapter tray (11141-000116, Euro Energy part number 06909). 

So we've decided to offer our Customers a fantastic deal! 

You can now buy the LIFEPAK 12 REDI-CHARGE Adapter Tray 06909 (11141-000116) at £40 off the Physio-Control list price until the end of July when bought with a Lithium Ion battery 02208 (11141-000106)! That's a total amount of just £338.70 for the Li-ion battery 02208 (£198) and the Adapter Tray 06909 (list price £180.70, offer price £140.70).

So for more information on this great offer, or to place your order, email us at or call the Euro Energy Customer Service Team on 0116 234 0567 now!  

We've booked our place at Procurement 4 Health 2018 Show
Posted on 15th June 2018

Here at Euro Energy we always strive to keep our customers up to date on our latest news and information. And so, we are pleased to announce that for the first time ever Euro Energy will be attending the Procurement 4 Health England 2018 exhibition!


Having worked with the NHS for over 35 years, Euro Energy have gained vast experience of the pressures and restraints that the NHS feel everyday, but we cannot become complacent and it is essential, now more than ever, to develop an in-depth understanding of the future direction of procurement across the NHS. That is why Euro Energy are excited to participate in the P4H England 2018 show where we will be exhibiting a range of our OEM & Compatible medical batteries and OEM medical accessories whilst also seeking to improve our understanding of the NHS Procurement strategies.


It looked like 2017’s event was a great success and we are very pleased to be exhibiting at the Procurement 4 Health England 2018 exhibition at the NEC Arena, Birmingham on 12th July 2018 and really looking forward to meeting representatives from NHS Commercial Solutions, NHS Shared Business Services, the East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub, the London Procurement Partnership and the North of England Commercial procurement Collaborative.


So, make sure to book your place at the NEC Arena, come along on 12th July and visit us at stand 96 to view our display of OEM and Compatible medical batteries and OEM medical accessories, and to discuss ways of working that help us to help you deliver better value to our NHS Hospitals & Trusts.


Make sure to follow us on Linkedin to keep up to date with all our latest news.

GDPR Emails Are Finally Over (Hopefully!)
Posted on 25th May 2018

Q. What do you get if you regulate the Data Protection Act? 

A. The biggest amount of spam emails in history!


But it’s finally over!

The day is here and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline has arrived. We’re hoping as much as you are that GDPR now means an end to all those unwanted emails.

It’s affected everyone and here at Euro Energy we have had do our part too. So, prepare yourself because here comes the official bit:

Here at Euro Energy, we take your privacy very seriously. We will use your personal information to provide the information, products and services you request from us. The information you provide will be used to fulfil any request, which may include sharing a contact name with our carrier.

As a Customer, we may also use your email address for our legitimate business interests. Click here to learn more about what we mean by legitimate interests and when we process your data for our legitimate interests.

You have a right to object to this processing, and if you wish to do so, please email

We do not share personal information with anyone that is not necessary to the delivery of goods or services bought from us, to manage or support our business activities or to fulfil our Legal Obligations.

Our Privacy Notice can be read in full, at


There, that wasn’t too bad was it?

Now you know why and how we store your personal information when you contact us, and you can rest assured that Euro Energy won’t ever bombard your inbox with countless emails.

So, now you have peace of mind on that, you can contact us for any of your Medical Batteries or Medical Accessories requirements, including OEM Medical Batteries, Compatible Batteries or General Purpose Use Batteries.

Call us on 0116 234 0567 or email for your quotation today. You’ll be Gosh-Darned-Pretty-Relieved you did (GDPR…get it?)

Innomed Medical CardioAid 360B Biphasic defibrillator - Important Information
Posted on 23rd May 2018

Innomed Medical CardioAid 360B Biphasic defibrillator - Important Information

Here at Euro Energy we have received notification from Innomed Medical that there is an important software upgrade to be applied to their CardioAid 360B biphasic defibrillator and that is is highly recommended that all Cardio Aid devices have their software updated.

The Notification Letter can be read in full by clicking here. It is also available to download from our website from the 'Downloads' tab.

Euro Energy can supply replacement batteries for the CardioAid 360B from Innomed under our part number 02366, Innomed Original part number R-5702-1. See picture below.


For more information please call our Customer Service team on 0116 2340567 or email

OEM Medical Accessories FREE Shipping Offer during Royal Wedding Week!
Posted on 18th May 2018

We all love a wedding! And a Royal Wedding at that! 

On Saturday 19th May the country will celebrate the union of Harry and Meghan (and hopefully squeeze the FA Cup Final in!). But here at Euro Energy, we want to keep the celebrations going all week long!

So, all of next week, from 21st – 25th May, all quotations for our OEM Medical Accessories from the Euro Energy Medical Accessories Catalogue with a value of over £100 that lead to orders in the UK, will receive FREE SHIPPING. It might sound complicated, but it’s as simple as walking a Corgi! All you need to do is:


1.       Request a quotation for any medical accessories between 21st – 25th May

2.       Make sure the accessories amount (before VAT) is £100 or over

3.       State the quotation number clearly when placing your order

4.       Get your UK delivery of accessories (and any OEM or Compatible Batteries you include with the order*) with FREE SHIPPING!


The Euro Energy Medical Accessories range are all purely OEM pieces from Manufacturers such as Philips, Draeger, Physio-Control, Masimo and Zoll. They include ECG cables, SP02 sensors and probes, NIBP cuffs, defib pads, paddles and electrodes. You can view our full range of accessories by following the link below:

The Royal Wedding might cost £32 million, but remember you only have to spend £100 on OEM Medical Accessories to get this offer! And you can also add OEM and Compatible Medical Batteries onto your order to fully benefit from the UK FREE SHIPPING.

You can request your quotation by emailing the Euro Energy Customer Service Team at or calling us on 0116 234 0567.


So, if you want to say I do to this great deal, just follow the easy steps and request your quotation from the Euro Energy Customer Service Team now!


*Please note, free shipping will not apply to pallet-sized orders, however a credit against the delivery cost may apply. Contact us for details.


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